Test Manager


Project Details

From : January 2005
To : July 2005

Project Under : 2 Amdocs releases, Remedy CRM
Consultant : Alex Kouwenhoven


Business Challenge

Environment: hectic, Orange is trying to catch up with Swisscom (UMTS, CRBT, etc.)


Regression testing, new functionality test of Amdocs releases (big UMTS), test management and execution of tests.


Project management of several smaller projects like Smartphone / Embedded devices testing (UMTS) both devices “in house” and “in test house”, Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT), JAVA PC Application to send Text messages (SMS mailer), IVR upgrade, Selective Home Routing (SHR, CAMEL) implementation, which all have been put in production.


Result: 2 Amdocs releases went to production, SMS mailer live, UMTS is live, new IVR tree went live after fixes. CRBT planned mid 2006 for production.